Lakeside Camp Udaipur – The Venice of the East

Nestled at the very bottom of Rajasthan, Udaipur is best known for its temples and palaces that attract thousands of visitors all year round. The city is also a popular wedding destination and a retirement paradise with luxury hotels and beautiful vistas serving as quiet retreats for young couples and old-timers alike. But is that all there is to Udaipur? No! Those seeking an immersive experience of Udaipur and India’s Mughal history must go beyond the palaces and temples. Whatever may be your reason to visit Udaipur, you shouldn’t leave the city without visiting its historic lakes.  The enigma around the city rests firmly on the innumerable lakes that offer visitors panoramic views of shimmering waters against a glorious setting sun. The experience of sitting a few feet away from a lake in Udaipur, sipping on chai, and enjoying the cool winter breeze cannot be traded for anything else. 

So, come experience this and more in the Venice of the East, the City of Lakes